After having to postpone her wedding because of the Covid19 pandemic a bride has seen her big night turn into a drama after two drunken bridesmaids denounced her husbands infidelity The case was shared on a social network by one of the events guests and publicized by the British tabloid The Sun

The bride has chosen two of our mutual coworkers to be bridesmaids lets call them Lisa and Jen she began

According to the woman the engagement took place before the pandemic and at the time everyone was excited about the wedding which had to be rescheduled for November this year

Its been more than two years since Lisa and Jen agreed to be bridesmaids In addition we all stopped working at our old job so we hadnt seen each other for a long time he detailed

A week before the wedding Lisa and Jen told their mutual partner that they no longer wanted to attend the event and asked if they should talk to the bride about it

I told them they should be honest But in the end they decided to go to the ceremony even though they didnt feel any closer to the bride reported the woman On the day of the wedding the catastrophe came the two got drunk and began to tell some unpleasant truths.

Lisa began to say out loud that she and her fiance had exchanged messages for months on social media She also said that after the wedding rehearsal meeting in a hotel he had sneaked into her room and that she ended up giving him a massage said the guest

As if that wasnt enough after the wedding the groom kept hitting on Lisa She showed colleagues messages in which he said he wanted her to be with him during their honeymoon.

Horrified by the story netizens advised the woman who made the report to tell the truth to the bride Please share this with the bride I hope she can call off the wedding She needs to know who she married one of them said.

Man proposes marriage at another couples party and argues However a third said the timing seemed ideal and praised the bride for collaborating with the plan.

A man shared opinions from netizens after surprising his girlfriend with a marriage proposal.

The reason for the controversy is that he did it during other peoples wedding parties Some praised him while others thought his attitude was in poor taste according to The Sun.

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