The system the largest in Paulo reached 243 of total capacity in December which indicates a restriction phase Although there is no rationing in the capital of São Paulo and in the metropolitan region residents complain about the reduction in pressure on the taps and the ghost of a rotation in the water supply continues to haunt.

In the interior of Paulo rationing became a reality this year Drought and belowaverage rainfall left the water reservoirs dry or at an insufficient level to guarantee the populations full supply.

Residents of Bauru Franca Valinhos among other cities felt the impact of the interruption in the water supply in their daily lives

Without a pandemic the water crisis could be even worse says scientist SP has 20 less water than in 2013 and will have even less in 2022, 7 years ago homes used more energy even without a home office.

Ana Paula Silva is a social worker and resident of Jardim Palma in Franca the footwear capital Despite the suspension of rationing she is still insecure about the supply

They cut water between 1100 and 1200 then it was 36 hours without It came back at midnight the following day The neighborhoods were divided into blocks A B and C

My house has a large water tank and few people live in it but I didnt wash clothes when I had the rotation and I gathered dishes to wash at once But the condos were left without water It has to be programmed because everything depends on the rains she said.

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