Netflix has already announced the screening of Só Se For Por Amor for this next year plot was all set in and has Lucy Alves as the protagonist Anyone who saw it says it has a footprint of the award winning A Star is Born.

One is the documentary with recordings in progress and the participation of several acquaintances who at some point participated in his career.

other countries Brazil also accelerated series production again Another one that will soon be released is Névoa recorded on the Serra do Mar soundtrack in São Paulo with production by O2

Caroline Abras and Daniel Rocha head its cast It has a flavor of terror, Even though the column warned that the Club World Cup in the Band will be much more fun outside than inside the field

It was enough to talk here about Datena and Netos lineups something until then logical and natural to issue an official note yesterday Christmas Eve informing that this is not quite the case.

The Band statement indirectly said that it will not be the two Datena and Neto because of their identification with Corinthians It kind of made it clear that they are more fans than professionals.

And that the team selected a month or so before the competition a unique fact in sports journalism will be formed by people identified with Palmeiras.

Faced with such events and according to the criteria of the Band it is no use simply being a journalist Their scales must appear above all identified fans This could change the history of sports journalism

Worse than anyone swearing with their feet together that Ulisses Costa a scheduled narrator is also a Corinthians fan Disguised but it is It bears repeating all this a month or so before kickoff.

Alexandre Nero is hired by Globo The public just now followed his work in the special edition of Império and he now repeats a good performance in Nos Tempos do Imperador

Hes an awesome actor He draws attention to all the work he does Erick director of Global play explained why the platform does not have Xica da Silva produced by Manchete from 1996, I would love to The difficult thing is to disentangle the rights revealed the executive.

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