Another senator whose term ends in 2022 and who wants to run for the state government is Berger (MDB) from Santa Catarina. The internal dispute, however, is fierce, with two other names in the game: the mayor of do Sul and the president of the MDB in the state, federal deputy Celso. In September, the legend even published a note saying that the mayor would run for government, Celso would come out as vice-governor and Berger as senator. The note was replaced on the same day by another saying that the issue would still be discussed and that the majority voice would prevail.

With the elections approaching, moves in the states show that some senators should try elections for state governments Two-thirds of senators are in the middle of their term, and will be able to run for government without risking losing their position as senator, which is reassuring since they can leave Parliament and, if they don’t win the election, return to the Senate. Already 27 senators are at the end of their term and, in their case, what counts is the real feasibility of winning an election for governor. Otherwise, the most viable option may be to enter the dispute for the Senate seat.

This is the case, for example, of the Federal District senator President Sergio Moro has already launched him as the name of the legend for the dispute for governor of the DF, and the senator has been internally appointed as the feasibility of the acronym of playing a head of the Executive in the DF however, ends his term next year, and must choose between seeking re-election or running for government. What may matter is one of the promises made by Reguffe in 2014 not to seek reelection to the Senate.

If he decides to try for a new term in the House, he will probably dispute the vacancy with the minister of the Secretary of Government, Flávia Arruda, who is a federal deputy and should run for the Senate for the PL. Reguffe has been talking to allies and is expected to announce the decision to run for the DF government or the Senate at the beginning of next year, observing polls and understanding the best scenario to put his name on. Officially, Reguffe only says that he will only speak of an election in February or March of next year.

Also in the DF, senator Izalci Lucas (PSDB) has already launched the pre-candidacy for the GDF. If you continue with the idea, even if you lose the Executive, you will continue with the position, as his term runs until 2026. Izalci’s idea has always been to unite with Reguffe and Leila Barros (Citizenship) to debunk the re-election of Governor Ibaneis Rocha (MDB).

Leila Barros’ name was quoted for vice governor, but that was discarded, and she is still analyzing the scenario together with Cidadania, a legend she recently joined. One possibility is that she doesn’t apply for anything, and just backs up a name in DF. Both Leila and Reguffe attended the launch of Izalci’s pre-candidacy on December 15th. When asked about the setting, Izalci says he’s talking to his two bench mates to walk together. “We are working for this. We have been talking a lot about whether we can walk together since the beginning of the term. We have to join forces”, he said.

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