The senator then began to consider going to another party to dispute the government In a note to the report the senators office stated that in the current scenario of conjecture and internal conflict in the MDB in the state Berger has been receiving invitations from other subtitles and the opening of dialogue with all who wish to build a development plan economic and social for Santa Catarina.

Its a natural part of the democratic game However he continues to act to make his candidacy for governor by the MDB viable Thats your wish If this does not the senator will assess which path he should follow and will inform him in an official manner he pointed out The senator has been discussing the possibility of going to the PSB as stated by President Celso Maldaner who stated that the acronym is holding the decision on who will run for the government

The state caucus is closely linked with Governor Moisés Carlos Moisés who should seek reelection We are seeing a meeting of state and federal benches to see if we can unite our thoughts because there is an internal dispute and it has not yet been defined he pointed out

In the state of there should be an indirect election in the first half of this year given the absence of a vice governor and the likely resignation of governor Renan MDB son of senator Renan Calheiros MDB to run for the Federal Senate In the popular dispute senator Rodrigo Cunha PSDB is seeking the position Im a candidate for governor of the state Its a very real possibility of victory Research shows that our trajectory shows that and it is a decision to be taken soon I have no need to anticipate the campaign Those who are anticipating the campaign are because they need to garner political support he said

Defender of Jair government senator Marcos DEM is the most quoted in his political group to dispute the election for the government to know that my name is appointed but Im focused on representing my state as a senator he told the story The congressman stated that he should go to the PL soon and that the decision on his candidacy will be announced later He also envisions political projects in Brasília but he will run for governor if there is an internal understanding in the subtitle

Also a government defender senator Jorginho Mello PL has been articulating for months to dispute the government of Santa Catarina In the left field senator Fabiano ES recently affiliated with the PT intends to be a candidate for governor but awaits internal definitions In Bahia the name quoted to compete for the legend is that of senator Jaques Wagner who was already a minister in the PT government and who would run for government against ACM Neto DEM.

Senator Randolfe Rodrigues Rede in turn is quoted to run for the government of In the report he stated that the issue is still being discussed but that there is a set of captions that indicate it The congressman however would prefer another name with sufficient force to emerge and he could complete his term in the Senate but he emphasises that in politics we dont do what we want we do what the circumstances indicate I was the result of the renewal of politics there and I wanted a name from the popular field to emerge with that profile with that characteristic

In the state of Sergipe senator Carvalho PT is already a pre candidate for government The alliances are still being discussed but they involve PSB and Solidarity A lot of movement is still going to happen but the scenario is favorable he said Citizenship owned by senator Alessandro Vieira a pre-candidate for the presidency of the Republic is left out of this group.

In Amazonas the name for the dispute is that of senator Eduardo Braga MDB who moved during the CPI Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry of Covid19 taking state discussions to the commission given the chaotic scenario faced in Manaus in beginning of the year At the time there was a lack of oxygen and patients with Covid19 died of asphyxia inside health units At the time there were heated discussions between him and Omar Aziz PSD also former governor and who is expected to run for reelection to the Senate by the state.

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