Baby Sohail Ahmadi handed over to a foreign soldier had disappeared on Aug 19 during the chaos at Kabul airport following the Talibans retake in Afphanistan Last week the child was reunited with his family after five months

Sohail then two months old was handed over by her father to a soldier among the terrified crowd at the extremist groups coming to power

The father and child were separated Despite his intense searches it was impossible for Mirza Ali Ahmadi to rescue his baby It was a taxi driver Hamid Safi who found him crying and abandoned on the airport floor

I looked for his family said the 29yearold who had gone to the airport to drop off his own brother who was supposed to be evacuated So I called my wife who told me to bring the baby home

The couple claimed to have unsuccessfully sought out the childs parents They named him Mohamad Abed and started raising him

If we hadnt found his family we would have protected him and raised him as our own child explained Hamid Safi

For three days Sohails biological father searched for his son at the crowded airport Desperate the former US embassy security agent left with his wife and four other children for the country

In August Kabuls airport was taken over by Afghans eager to leave the city as the last Western troops left Afghanistan after 20 years of war

Several Afghans feared the Talibans return to power recalling the cruel regime of the 1990s or fearing reprisals against former government collaborators or foreign forces

Only last week Sohails family managed to find the baby in Kabul with the help of social media and the police

The boy was handed over to his grandfather a painful separation for the Safis and their three daughters I felt responsible for him like I was his mother explained.

Fatimah Safi 27 He had a habit of waking up during the night Now when I wake up hes not there and that makes me cry Im a mother I understand that she will not always be with us and that she needs her parents the woman continued

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