Afghanistan UN distributes money to thousands of poor families The husband admitted that it was very difficult to return the baby On Sunday Sohails grandfather Mirza Mohamad Qasemi invited the Safi family to his home in Kabul to share a few moments with the boy

They took care of him for five months and were very attached to him he confided to AFP although he added that the Safis were initially reluctant to return the baby

Qasemi who was also looking for his grandson now says hes excited that Sohail can be reunited with his parents in the United States They have contacted US authorities but the procedure is going to be a long one

It was difficult for my daughter She cried and didnt eat anything Qasemi said wiping away her tears as she watched Sohail asleep in Fatimas arms Until Sohail is reunited with his parents his aunt will take care of him

On the phone the father did not hide his joy we have been very sad these last five months But when we found our baby we were happy because God gave us our son back

The scenes of despair recorded throughout the second half of August sum up what 2021 was like for Afghanistan: the chaos left by the withdrawal of US troops.

NATO allies that had occupied the country for almost 20 years and the will of many Afghans to leave, with the Taliban’s surprisingly quick victory over the local government.

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