Judge Of Regional Labor Court Appointed on 10th Region

Judge Francisco Luciano from the Regional Labor Court of the 10th Region ordered to pay compensation for collective moral damage in the amount of R300 thousand According to the process the company used untrue information to try to de-mobilize the category strike and turn public opinion against employees who claimed a salary increase in 2020.

In the accusation against the company filed in the Labor Court the plaintiffs alleged that the company sent false information about its financial situation to a magazine in order to highlight alleged economic loss to justify the refusal to grant benefits to workers.

The act of the public company took place in the midst of a collective bargaining a judicial process in which unions and companies file suit for the courts to define the benefits that will be granted to workers in the category

The magistrate considered that the act damaged the image of employees and caused damage Because of this in the decision it chose to condemn the defendant company to pay compensation for collective moral damages in the amount

BRL 30000000 three hundred thousand to be allocated to a social fund or nonprofit entity duly inspected by the Public Ministry and that have action directed even indirectly to the reconstitution of the damaged assets

The lawsuit against was filed by Fentect National Federation of Workers in Postal and Telegraph Companies and Similar The magistrate also determined that the institution should not send information to the press with the aim of disqualifying the image of its employees by disclosing false news under penalty of paying R 200 thousand for untrue information published

The lawyer of Fentect Alexandre Lindoso claims that there was persecution against the workers and that the company alleged financial problems at a time when it made historic profits

There was an attempt to the movement through information that is not consistent with the truth The intention was to say that the workers earnings were greater than what it actually was Some parts of the petition pointed to a company in complete poverty when in fact Correios had a profit of R 15 billion last year said the lawyer