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3 Tastes of Summer

As summer is currently in full force, we hold on tightly to the beach days and warm nights. What better way to do that than with 3 great albums? Complete with flavors!

STRFKR – Miracle Mile

Miracle Mile

Miracle Mile

Released in February, Miracle Mile is the Portland-based band’s third full length LP. MM is filled with poppy synths and upbeat melodies that are  perfect for a day at the beach. Personally, this has been one of my favorite releases of the year and has a very positive vibe that’s kept me going since I first heard it.

Tastes like: Cherry Lemonade

Download and listen here:

Mystery Skulls – Mystery Skulls EP

Mystery Skulls EP

Mystery Skulls EP

Although this was released in 2011, it is still rocking in 2013. As soon as you hear the hook of “Amazing,” you’ll be sucked into the grooviness of Mystery Skulls. Another upbeat album, it’s great for rocking out with your friends while driving around.

Tastes like: Watermelon

Download and listen:

American Football – American Football

American Football

American Football

A much different vibe than the other two, this is the album that you’ll want to listen to on a lonely summer night. One of my favorite Emo albums, American Football is filled with enough emotion to last your entire teenage years over and over again. If you’re looking for something to pass the night away and fall asleep to, this album might be it.

Tastes like: Iced Tea

Download and listen:

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