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Temecula: Police arrest 63-year-old man in connection with shooting death of brother-in-law

Police arrested a 63-year-old Temecula man in connection with the shooting death of his 42-year-old brother-in-law around 11:02 a.m. Saturday at a home in the unincorporated area of Temecula, Sheriff’s officials reported today.



Nelson Allen was arrested after police found his brother-in-law, Donald Piper, dead with one bullet shot wound in the 1200 block of Pechanga Road. The home where the incident occurred is in close proximity to the Pechanga Indian Reservation, according to a Riverside County Sheriff’s report.

Allen and Piper were engaged in an ongoing family dispute prior to the shooting, according to Sheriff’s Sgt. Tyson Voss.

After the shooting took place the Riverside County Sheriffs’ Central Homicide Unit took over the investigation and Allen was arrested at the investigation’s conclusion, Voss said.

Anyone with information on this incident is encouraged to contact Central Homicide Unit Investigator Thurm at 951-955-2777 or Southwest Station Investigator Frost at 951-696-3000.


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