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Celiactive: Getting the right look the gluten-free way

A few months ago, I worked as a bellwoman in the hotel division of a casino.

Isabela Moreno

Isabela Moreno

Now that might sound glamorous and well-paid, but it wasn’t. I worked graveyard, and I was the only employee in my department doing what three men did during the daytime.

At that time of night, people don’t tip well or at all when there was a casino 100 feet away. Also my uniforms were only in mens’ sizes.

So to increase tip out and boost my overall confidence, I played around with my look as much as my supervisors would let me.

I tried many things including hair accessories, rings, nail polish and then finally makeup. What does all this have to do with being gluten free?

In the month leading to my eventual two weeks notice, I realized my fondness for lip color. I knew for a long time that not all makeup is gluten free but that didn’t deter me from wearing my favorite lip color. And I ultimately paid for it.

At the beginning of the night I felt fine. I didn’t notice any abnormal symptoms. It was like every other night. Then came lunchtime.

I only got a half hour to eat my food and a five minute grace period for walking. Between walking to the cafeteria and getting food, I would only have between ten to twenty minutes to eat food. I learned to eat really fast. And with that swiftness I ingested some lipstick somehow.

I never really felt good after eating in that place but this night was different. I was paranoid over things that I felt good about just 40 minutes before and I couldn’t shake the uneasiness. It got worse when I reapplied my lipstick with unsteady hands. The rest of the night is a symptomatic blur.

That’s how I realized that my makeup wasn’t gluten free and how sad I was that I had to throw it away. I haven’t worn any type of lip makeup since. Luckily my birthday just passed and that means a mother/daughter shopping spree was in order!

The two of us went to Sephora first (OK, it’s not the best place to go to but I did some research before I went).

Urban Decay’s eyeshadow is gluten free. I’ve never had an issue with them and that goes for their Primer Potion as well. I also use their Naked 2 palette and their Naked Basics palette as well. They are awesome.

Their new Revolution Lipstick, however, is not gluten free.

NARS is all gluten free though I’ve heard rumors lately that they are not completely. I haven’t had any symptoms from their lip colors and I suggest that others tread carefully.

Smashbox is awesome. Most of their products are gluten free but you may have an issue with their mascara and specific lip colors.

Lastly, Bare Escentuals’ mineral-based make-up and skin care line is said to cause no reactions. I haven’t had any at least.

So ladies and drag queens, all is not lost. We have so many options now. You can throw or give away all your make up and still have the ability to splash on some paint and go out on the town. Now go and get on with your bad self!

1 Comment on Celiactive: Getting the right look the gluten-free way

  1. Must Have Boxes // August 16, 2013 at 10:05 am // Reply

    Your makeup is gorgeous!

    – KW

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