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Foodie Adventures: Beer Can Chicken

Ingredients :



One whole chicken
Handful of salt
Handful of pepper
1/4 stick of butter

In a time not so long ago, in a place not so far away, the “beer can chicken” exploded.

It was a normal day and no one had ever thought  to stick a can of cheap beer up a chicken’s ass before. Then suddenly… Bam! Everything changed.

Everyone down to their tiny little grandmas were defiling these chickens in the name of moist and delicious dinners. And yes folks, I am one of them.

First step to these delicious birds is a trip to the grocery store as I don’t have whole chickens lying around willy nilly. However, if you do, that’s cool…

I have kosher salt at home (kosher or sea salt are acceptable ONLY), cracked pepper, unsalted butter and of course beer.

Unfortunately I feel the best beer for the job is the cheap and easy Coors; the extras I send off to my hillbilly friends as not to get redneck all over myself. Since I will not drink the Coors I purchase a good Mexican beer at the store to pair with my chicken.

Now I can head home satisfied and accomplished.

This meal is a very easy and quick; set it up, pop it in, done. I have had to make this mostly when I have to run out on a meeting or a something else that sounds important…

If you have ever made a turkey you know how hard it is (I personally have made two — one ended in hives and one ended in a slight nervous breakdown), the holidays are always interesting. Well chickens are like smaller easier turkeys, but don’t spread that around the barnyard if you know what I mean.

First I preheat the oven to 350 degrees. Then I basically pat kosher salt and cracked pepper all over my bird, cut under the skin and stuff some in there as well.

Some of you reading are quite good at this next part…Pop that can of beer open (Yeah, I am good at it, too).

This next part gets a little graphic; I am literally going to take the can of beer and shove it where the sun does not shine. As odd as this sounds, the can alway fits perfectly.

Since I am in a hurry I just plop 1/4 of stick of butter in the neck of the chicken. Sometimes this can be a little un-nerving, like decapitation in reverse.

Next the chicken goes in a pan, gets a thermometer stuck in its breast, then gets plopped in the oven. The internal temperature of the finished bird should be 170 degrees, so figure that this meal will take about two hours to cook.

This leaves me with plenty of time to run errands as long as someone makes sure I don’t burn down the casa (not that I would, or even came matter what you heard).

When I get home my chicken is perfectly cooked and smelling yummy. All in all, I have spent maybe 15 minutes making this birdie perdie and I know it will be wonderful!

The chicken is great with veggies or a simple salad. I’m feeling a bit lazy so I decide to just enjoy the dish in its elegant simplicity. Concise. Delicious. Healthy to boot!

I hope that you decide to try this dish out at home. It’s really easy to do and quite the party favor. The first time I had it was at a super bowl party. I ate a whole chicken, I swear.

I wish you the best of luck! And remember, life is better with your mouth full!

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