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For a hike with lots of cool water, visit Cedar Creek Falls

How to get there –  Take the 1-15 to the 78 heading east, turn right on pine hills road and keep right as it turns to eagle peak road. Take this road all the way down until you have reached this hiking destination.

In the heat of summer the best hikes involve either plenty of shade or plenty of water, and what this hike lacks in shade it makes up for in cool, replenishing water.

Cedar Creek Falls - photo credit: Gregory Weisberg

Cedar Creek Falls – photo credit: Gregory Weisberg

The hike down to the falls is a pretty steady climb downhill as you descend into a valley littered with oaks and sycamores. While the hike downhill is pretty monotonous, the valley offers lots of fun exploration before you get to the falls.

There’s an intermittent stream that runs through the valley, and another stream that is fed by the falls. You follow the latter stream deep into a gentle canyon. Depending on the time of year you might get your feet wet, so dress accordingly!

This portion of the trail has many boulders to hop on and much more shade than the beginning of the hike. As you stumble forth past the river, Cedar Creek Falls will slowly come into view.

The river above falls 90 feet in a glorious decent down into a surprisingly huge pool of water that’s been dammed up. The pool is extremely deep, and its not unusual to see people jumping off the canyons edges into the sweet, cold water. There’s even an old rope swing tied to a dying sycamore tree, use at your own risk and leisure.

While some might opt to jump into the waters and play in the sun, others might decide to close their eyes and do some tanning. There are some excellent boulders to lie on for those that are more inclined to relax in the sun.

This is the perfect hike for spring or summer, though the falls might be dried out in the later summer months. A 6 dollar permit is required to enter the canyon, which you can buy online.

The hike down is tough, but it’s made a lot easier if you get there early before the heat of the day begins. The hike itself is about 6 miles roundtrip, so bring lots of water and some snacks.

The hike back will put some grit in your veins, be prepared! It’s an all-uphill hike with no shade on the way up. The vistas are sweeping though, so stopping to catch your breath and enjoy the scenery are recommended.

Along the trail you’ll spot a few other waterfalls in the distance, how to get to them is a mystery still needing to be solved.

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