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Storkersen: Does belief in evolution contradict a belief in the Christian faith?

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Shortly after I became a Christian, I attended a conference at a university where they held various seminars for Christians that focused on specific aspects of practically living out our faith. I was in high school at the time, and the entire conference was geared toward middle school and high school students.

Braeden Storkersen

Braeden Storkersen

After the opening speaker presented, my friends and I searched through a pamphlet filled with the diverse amount of seminars that were being held. We were allowed to pick three seminars to attend.

There were approximately fifty of them listed, so I had to choose wisely. As a new Christian, one seminar in particular jumped out to me because the title given to the seminar seemed so peculiar: Creation vs. Evolution.

It hadn’t been too long since I had been an atheist, so I certainly believed in evolution. At the same time, I also believed in God. As I looked at that pamphlet and saw the “vs.” in between creation and evolution, I began to wonder if my two beliefs were in conflict with one another.

The entire seminar consisted of a man standing in the front presenting arguments of how absurd the idea of evolution is. He laid out all of his points in both scientific form and used reason in his explanation of how he believed it to be completely false.

At the end of it all, I was quite frustrated. While all of his arguments made sense, it didn’t sit well with me that he, as well as many other Christians, was making evolution to be contrary to belief in God. I believed in both God and evolution, so what was the issue? If I was a Christian who submitted to the theory of evolution, then there couldn’t have been that much of a problem with believing in evolution.

Since then, being the person that I am, I have read dozens of books on the topic of creation and evolution to see what other people say on the subject. I have read arguments from several of the distinct views on the matter and have begun to formulate my own unique opinion.  As I’m writing this, I want to make it clear up front that this is not intended to be structured in a way to persuade someone to believe in either creation or evolution. Instead, it is food for thought for both the religious person and the non-religious person alike, and will hopefully be a good starting point for those who wish to dive deeper into the popular topic.

As I’ve attempted to collect my thoughts, it’s difficult to articulate it in any other way than this: whether or not evolution is true is irrelevant to Christianity being true.

Christians who are very strongly opinionated that evolution is false and make it out to be contrary to belief in God miss two very important facts. The first one is that statistically many Christians believe in evolution and God as creator! Therefore, declaring that the two ideas are opposed to one another contradicts the very nature of the people that fill our churches congregations.

Secondly, and most importantly, the Bible does not emphasize creation being the centerpiece of whether or not the Christian faith is true. There is in fact another event that the Bible declares would prove or disprove Christianity which has nothing to do with creation or evolution. Instead, it has to do with life and death. Here are the words of scripture on what justifies Christianity:

“And if Christ has not been raised, your faith is futile and you are still in your sins”

1 Corinthians 15:17

When it comes to thinking through whether or not the Bible and all of Christianity is true, evolution is not the matter that should be brought to the forefront; instead it should be the resurrection of Jesus. If Jesus rose from the dead, then He was either some mentally deranged lunatic who thought He was God or a psychotic rabbi who was willing to die for a lie. On the other hand, if Jesus did rise from the dead, then He was in fact God as He said He was, and all of the Christian faith is true.

So to anyone, Christian or non-christian, who poses Christianity and evolution to contradict one another, I would ask a simple question; what does evolution have to do with Jesus rising from the dead?

1 Comment on Storkersen: Does belief in evolution contradict a belief in the Christian faith?

  1. Science and, in this example, evolution is not a matter of belief. It’s to believe the Earth is flat where I live, but the evidence indicates otherwise. The correct question is whether there is sufficient evidence to support the premise that life on Earth has evolved. In other words, do you believe the evidence for evolution is substantial or is there credible evidence for a sudden creation of life and Earth’s existence for 6,000-10,000 years? Also, if one attempts to interpret the Bible literally and use that for evidence of a sudden creation, Genesis 1, where humans are created last, and Genesis 2 where Adam in created 1st has to be reconciled. Many theologians and Christians believe there is credible evidence that life has evolved.

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