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At trilogy’s end: A salute to Edgar, Simon & Nick

Another summer has come and gone and with it the end of another great film trilogy. However, unlike usual Hollywood trilogies, the “Three Flavours Cornetto Trilogy,” named for the frozen treat featured in each film, is a series of otherwise unrelated comedies with the same minds behind each picture.

Courtesy Photo

Courtesy Photo

“The World’s End,” the final film in the trilogy, sent the series off with a satisfying and hilarious end as only Edgar Wright, Simon Pegg and Nick Frost know how to do.

The spiritual follow up to the trio’s breakout hit “Shaun of the Dead” and action movie spoof “Hot Fuzz,” tells the story of five high school friends and one night of debauchery. The friends embark on a pub crawl, something they had attempted several years prior, in their hometown of Newton Haven.  One pint of beer in 12 different pubs by the end of the night, ending with the eponymous World’s End, and the night is a success.

As with the trio’s previous efforts, twists, turns and ridiculous situations ensue. The style of humor present in the last two films is here as well, with outlandish fantasy and unlikely scenarios taking place within a grounded universe. Staying true to its roots in british humor, the film is rich in misdirection, witty banter and observational humor.  Just as “Shaun of the Dead” pits a couple of aimless slackers against a zombie apocalypse, “The World’s End” sees our unwitting protagonists facing a larger than life crisis.

The five friends return to their hometown to find that not all is what it seems and that a lot has changed since they each moved on. The film blends science fiction and comedy so seamlessly, that even though things may feel out of place and ridiculous, it all works within the context of what the audience is presented with. Things that are meant to be over the top are comedy fodder for that very reason. Jokes aren’t recycled and running gags within the trilogy are present and feel as fresh and funny as they were in the previous films.

This film lived up to my every expectation and did not disappoint in the slightest. My only gripe with it is that it doesn’t quite live up to the first two flavors in the series. However, it is rare to see a third outing by a team of creative minds that’s as fresh, clever and original as this. Speaking of clever and original, the team behind the film also manages to sneak in some very clever and timely allegories and social commentary toward the current state of Hollywood.

The film’s eventual plot revelation serves as an interesting critique on the constant recycling of material in modern Hollywood and the industry’s recent fear of risk. Despite its current state, Hollywood was correct to take a risk on the three British comedians all those years ago, an act that produced three brilliant works of art in any genre. Humor may be subjective, but quality is not, and studio executives saw the potential these three had as artists.

Hopefully the day will come when the industry takes another chance on up and coming comedic talent, and I pray they are half as funny as Edgar, Simon and Nick.

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