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Lake Elsinore: Police arrest 47-year-old man for indecent exposure

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Officers from the Lake Elsinore Police Department arrested a 47-year-old man Thursday  in the vicinity of Lincoln Street and Via Valdez in Lake Elsinore in connection with an incident where he allegedly exposed himself to a store clerk, a Sheriff’s official reported today.

Allen Williams

Allen Williams

At about 6:15 p.m. Wednesday, Allen Williams of Lake Elsinore allegedly entered a convenience store in the 31700 block of Riverside Drive in Lake Elsinore to purchase a beverage. He exposed himself to the store clerk, paid for the beverage and left the business, according to a Riverside County Sheriff’s report.

Officers arrived within minutes of receiving a call about the indecent exposure, but were unable to locate Williams, Sheriff’s Sgt. David Cardoza said.

They were, however, able to obtain photographic evidence of the suspect, according to Cardoza.

On Thursday officers were investigating an unrelated crime when they saw Williams and detained him because he matched the description of the perpetrator in the indecent exposure incident. They initiated a follow-up investigation and Williams was later positively identified as the suspect, according to Cardoza.

Williams was arrested for indecent exposure, and was transported to the Southwest Detention Center. 

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