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Artist Profile: Tommy Cornell


Photo Courtesy Cameron Feuerstein

Many artists seem to find their hands full with only one band or musical project, but 21-year-old Tommy Cornell does not appear to be daunted by the large number of projects he has decided to undertake.

Cornell, who has been an avid guitar player and music enthusiast since the time he was 14 years old, has explored a wide variety of musical trends and styles. He has been influenced by Rock ‘n’ Roll classics like Jimi Hendrix and Led Zeppelin, but has also drawn some influence from later bands that marked the alternative sound of the ’90s like Nirvana and the Pixies.

It’s been through his love of a wide variety of rock subgenres that Cornell has forged his signature sound comprised of melodic, heavy and catchy riffs, slick vocals and heavy drumming.That’s the sound he’s been perfecting with his band, The Glass Daggers.

The band is composed of members Ashley Cornell (Tommy’s sister), who plays keyboard and guitar; Christian Ruth, who plays the drums; and Joseph Yost, who plays the bass guitar.

Before March of next year, Cornell and the Glass Daggers plan to put out their third album, which Cornell said will be somewhat different from things they’ve put out in the past.

“It will be different from the other two,” he said of the album. “It will be better and have more of two guitars instead of just one. It will be an evolution from my other stuff.”

Though Cornell and his Glass Daggers bandmates have been actively working toward the completion of a quality third album, their work together is just one of many projects the music devotee has been engaged in.

He’s currently working on creating music with yet another band, one that’s been started to explore the genres of synth pop and dream pop. The band goes by the name Lohan and their music will feature synthesizers, guitars and a female vocalist.

Cornell said that he was inspired to start a new kind musical project as he exposed himself to different forms of music than he had before.

He started listening to bands like Momomo Youth and Chvrches, two synth pop bands, and became inspired to create music that was like theirs but still original.

The 21-year-old rocker said it was also time for a change-up from the kind of music he’s been doing.

“With rock music it’s a lot of distortion and it’s mainly singing and guitar,” he said when describing his new project. “I wanted to move away from that and try something different.”

Cornell said he looks to the universe and space as well as interpersonal relationships as inspiration when he goes to compose new music.

Cornell looks to those inspirations for more than just music, however.

When he’s not doing something music-based, Cornell is usually painting or writing. He has a book he hopes to release within the next several months and one that he has already completed, “Love and Lasers,” which can be purchased on Amazon. He is also working on a science fiction script.

Those hoping to catch the more musical side of Cornell can see him as he plays with the Daggers at 7:00 p.m. on Sept. 21 at the Dial in Murrieta.

Some of Cornell’s music can be heard here:

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