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Miley Cyrus shines on “SNL”

Over a month after her controversial VMA’s performance, Miley Cyrus has probably redeemed herself following her role as the host and musical guest on last night’s “Saturday Night Live.” The singer made it clear that she was not going to apologize for the performance and also, while she admits that she’s still growing up, said that Hannah Montana “was murdered” in her opening monologue.

Miley Cyrus made audiences laugh with her impression of Michelle Bachman.

Miley Cyrus made audiences laugh with her impression of Michelle Bachman.

In the episode’s opening skit, cast member Kenan Thompson, in a dystopian future in the year 2045, thinks back to how America came to destruction. He claims that it wasn’t the recent government shutdown, but that it was Miley Cyrus’ performance at the VMAs.

Cyrus poked fun at herself in the skit, while being visited by the “Old Miley,” played by Cyrus impersonator Vanessa Bayer. “Old Miley” tried to warn Cyrus that her performance would be controversial and cause an outrage. “I’m only 20 years old, I need some freedom to grow up and make mistakes,” Cyrus said. “And no matter what happens, I promise I’ll always be true to Miley Cyrus.”

The episode featured Cyrus in most of the skits, playing Scarlett Johanssen in a “50 Shades of Grey” screen test, a slave-driving cheer captain, and Lil Tini, an upper-middle class girl who’s in her high school’s hip-hop club. But probably the most memorable skit of the night was the parody music video, “We Did Stop (The Government).”

Cyrus played Republican Party member Michele Bachmann while cast member Taran Killam played fellow party member John Boehner. Killam wore the skin-showing outfits that Cyrus paraded around in her music video and featured lyrics such as “To my government workers on the furlough, even though you’re already paid low: Remember only God can judge us, forget the haters, because somebody elected us.”

In addition to showcasing acting talent, Cyrus shed her twerking and scandalous dance moves and instead focused more on her voice in her performances for “Wrecking Ball” and an acoustic set of “We Can’t Stop.”

What was missing, however, was the recent incident where fellow controversial singer Sinead O’Connor wrote a well-publicized letter criticizing Miley Cyrus for her music video “Wrecking Ball.”

In my opinion, the episode was one of the best that “SNL” has done and even outshone Tina Fey’s episode last week. As for the lack of twerking, Cyrus explained in her opening monologue, “I used to think twerking was cool, but now that white people are doing it it seems kinda lame.”

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