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‘Glee’ pays tribute to Cory Monteith in emotional episode

Cory Monteith, who passed away in July of an overdose of alcohol and heroin — Wikipedia

The cast of Fox’s hit musical comedy “Glee” paid tribute to their deceased co-star, Cory Monteith, on last night’s episode.

Previous stars of the series, whom had been reduced from series regulars to guest stars, returned for the tribute episode to not only mourn the character Finn Hudson, but to also mourn their departed friend.

The episode started with the cast performing their version of “Seasons of Love” from the Broadway musical “Rent,” followed by an emotional rollercoaster of the characters each grieving in their own way.

Speculation of how the show would deal with Monteith’s untimely death of a heroin overdose on July 13 has been prominent. The show’s creators and producers, Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuck, spoke of the difficulties of the death given that season 5 had already begun production. The season premiered on September 26 with a two-part Beatles tribute that had already been planned prior to Monteith’s death. It was then announced that the third episode would revolve around Finn’s death, simply titled, “The Quarterback.”

What many fans were wondering about the episode was how the writers were going to deal with Finn’s death. Murphy had said that he wasn’t going to have Finn die of a life-imitating-art drug overdose, given that the character had no addiction problems. However, the episode did not explain the cause of death. Kurt Hummel, Finn’s stepbrother, says in an inner monologue in the beginning of the episode, “What can you say about a 19-year-old who dies? Everyone wants to talk about how he died, but who cares? It’s one moment in his whole life.”

The characters that mourned the death were Finn’s mother, played by Romy Rosemont, in an emotionally driven scene involving Rosemont cleaning out her son’s room; Finn’s friends, Santana, Kurt, fellow football player Puck, Artie, Tina; Glee teacher Mr. Schuester; former cheer coach and now school principal Sue Sylvester; and his on-and-off again girlfriend, Rachel Berry, played by Montheith’s real life girlfriend Lea Michele. Missing from the cast reunion were Dianna Agron and Heather Morris.

While the characters mourned the death of Finn Hudson, it was evident that the tears and heartbreak were real for their friend, Cory Monteith.

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