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Fall Forecasting: Best fashion trends for women

It’s that time of the year again. No, not Christmas or Girl Scout cookie time – it’s fall!IMG_2336

That means cooler weather and darker colors, in addition to the much-loved return of the Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte.

If you’re anything like me, you absolutely adore the fall season, mainly because of the more fashionable and overall more personalized outfits that come with the cooler weather.

Now that New York, Paris, Milan, and London Fashion Weeks have turned off the lights on their runways, there has been an explosion of everyday wearable versions of some of the most popular looks at more affordable shops.

Though it doesn’t reach anywhere near single digits in the Inland Empire, it can still get a bit chilly, and there are most certainly some creative ways that you can incorporate upcoming fashion trends made for colder weather.

The theme of darker colors was an obvious choice for the runways, and almost always a given for the fall season. The three main items to look for to become your staples to build around for this season are skater skirts, tuxedo pants, and textured sweaters.

While skater shirts aren’t necessarily the warmest of apparel, they work well for the climate. They can be paired with a sweater and printed tights for chilly days, and if it warms up, as the weather tends to, you can shed the tights and a sweater layer.

As for colors, emerald was the most talked about shade for the season, and I think this dark shade would make a perfect and somewhat unexpected eye-catch as a twirl skirt.

Leather, which was highly featured in almost every show and in almost every medium imaginable, would also be a great way to stray from the usual softer materials and be bold in an everyday appropriate manner. If you can find them on sale, Urban Outfitters always has unique and on-trend styles for their skirts.

Two-toned side striped tuxedo pants were a major presence at most shows, such as Victoria Beckham, Phillip Lim, and Rag & Bone. Some have their suspicions about this trend, as it’s very bold for pants, but I personally think they work well for those days when you feel like being more subtly trendy.

There is no arguing that this style is very loud, so I suggest keeping a more muted top, such as a plain colored t-shirt or sweater and simple jewelry to keep the focal point of your ensemble on the pants.

Bloomingdale’s has a variety of these versions, both in pant and legging form. For a cheaper option, I suggest Macy’s and Simply Vera by Vera Wang (exclusively at Kohl’s).

Sweaters are always a must-have for the fall season, and this one is no exception. Cable knit and soft sweaters have been the go-to for many in the past, but this season I really encourage you to embrace the idea of different textures in your sweater choice.

I’ve seen a lot of really great pieces with subtle sparkles embedded in the body of the sweater, and even feathers. It sounds costume-esque, but many stores are making these into options that can be effortlessly transitioned from daywear to evening with just a few additions. Some stores where you can buy unique sweaters such as this are Urban Outfitters and J. Crew.

Of course, there are a multitude of trends brought to us from the runways of Fashion Week, but these are the three I find to be the easiest transition and the most wearable for everyday use.

I would love to see all your takes on the runway’s styles, so tweet me @melsolano or @IEGrapevine or Instagram your outfit takes, using the hashtag “Grapevinestyle.”

Gentlemen, fear not- I have not forgotten about you! Check the Grapevine for my next column to read up on my take on the best and most wearable trends for men this fall!


Happy Styling!

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