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Fall Fashion: Menswear

Now let’s talk about you, gentlemen. Most of the trends for this season are IMG_2336more focused on accents and patterns rather than actual pieces, but that makes them easier to incorporate into your wardrobe in my opinion.

For men, the three biggest trends to look for on the runway included elbow patched pieces, cuffed pants, and backpacks. There is definitely more focus on changing up the colors, patterns, and textures of everyday pieces this season rather than changing the type of apparel.

Elbow patches are always classy — period. They can add style to any casual sweater and if used subtly, can add personality to any suit or blazer without looking tacky. While womenswear has become more creative and liberal in their use of elbow patches (glitter encrusted elbow pads, anyone?), menswear has found a way to still incorporate this look while keeping it masculine and classy. Most patches are made of leather in subtle colors such as tan, brown, black, and sometimes gray.

Leather itself was a major presence on the male runways, and I for one endorse the use of leather in almost any manner. However, this is one of my favorite ways to use it. Rather than take the focus of the outfit, leather patches simply enhance the look as a whole. ASOS has a lot of great options for elbow patches, in both blazers and comfortable cardigans.

The second look is very easy to dive into. Cuffed pants are an especially easy piece to wear here in the Inland Empire. The fall is chilly, but not cold enough to where we need to cover every bodily crevice from the wind.

There have been a lot of different takes on this style, but my personal favorite works well for all you guys who take pride in your collection of colorful and pristine sneakers- you know who you are. Cuffing your jeans a few inches helps streamline your line from your jeans to your sneakers and gives shoes all the attention.  You can pick up a pair of jeans at Macy’s or the like with small cuffs already sewn in or you can DIY with your own pair.

Finally, backpacks. Backpacks seem like an odd trend for the season, but don’t underestimate this versatile piece. Places like Topshop Men are providing guys with more grown up and minimalistic options to tote their books around in.

In colors like olive green and burgundy (two major players in the fashion game this season for both genders), these book bags are great options to upgrade your overused Jansport bag.

What do you think, gentlemen? Are you planning on giving some of these looks a try?

I would love to see all of your takes on these looks! Don’t forget to Tweet me and use the “#grapevinestyle” on Twitter and Instagram.

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