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Holiday Looks: Thanksgiving

When you think of fashionable holidays, the first ones that tend to come to mind for most people are Christmas or New Years Eve. The glitz, sparkles, and overall major celebrations surrounding them are enough to make anyone dash to the mall to find the perfect eye-catching outfit.

What doesn’t come to mind? Thanksgiving. The holiday all about food doesn’t tend to make you want to focus on the fashion-forwardness of your outfit.

But being stylish doesn’t necessarily mean teetering around in sky-high heels or wearing an impossibly tight dress that barely allows you to breathe, much less will allow you to go to town with your grandmother’s stuffing.


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These two are great outfit options for Thanksgiving. They are casual and very comfortable (leggings, anyone?). If you are attending a slightly nicer dinner or event, they can easily be dressed up with some jewelry.


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This outfit is for those who want to be a little dressier. A loose dress paired with fall accessories and a pair of tights is still comfortable, but more girly and put together.


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For the guys, I think that these two styles are very easy options that give a clean and stylish look. The first is definitely a more causal and easygoing look that is pretty much useable for any event. The seconds is for the more polished-leaning gentleman. The collar peeping out over the cardigan gives an element of niceness, but the sweater allows for a more loose fit.

Don’t forget to share your looks and have a great Thanksgiving!

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