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San Marcos: Police arrest armed suspect at Palomar College

Police officers arrested a 23-year-old man brandishing a gun at Palomar College not long before 6:30 a.m. Tuesday, Sheriff’s officials said.

Mike Miley/Flickr

Mike Miley/Flickr

The man, Luis Bolanos, called officers to tell them he was driving to the community college and that he had a gun, according to a San Diego County Sheriff’s Report.

Bolanos told authorities his cousin had been shot by an unknown suspect shortly before telling them he was headed to the college, according to Sheriff’s Sgt. Paul Michalke. There was no word on whether Bolanos’ cousin was actually shot.

After 911 dispatchers received the call, deputies from San Marcos, Vista and Valley Center arrived to the college and set up a perimeter to look for the suspect before eventually confronting him on the west side of campus. He was arrested without incident, Michalke said.

No one appeared to be injured after Bolanos’ arrival and the college was mostly empty as a result of the winter break.

An investigation into Bolanos’ actions is still ongoing and is being handled by the Sheriff’s San Marcos Bureau.

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