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Storkersen: Oklahoma Satan statue is nothing to worry about

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Back in 2012, a large monument of the Ten Commandments was built outside the Oklahoma State Capitol.

Braeden Storkersen

Braeden Storkersen

This brought a wide variety of controversy due to the fact that the United States of America is a country filled with religious diversity. Therefore, several local religious leaders began to submit proposals for different monuments to be added declaring that it would be unconstitutional if there was simply a Christian monument but not one for other religions.

These proposals included Hindu gods, men like Buddha or Muhammad, and even the satirical mascot of atheism, the flying spaghetti monster. Every single one of these proposals was approved as long as the people who brought the idea forward could back it up with the funding. Yet not a single group could raise the proper amount of money to develop such a project. Eventually every single idea failed, leaving only the Christian monument standing. Until recently, that is.

A Satanist group has come forward with their own plan. Upon presenting their idea, the same response was given as to the other religious groups. Due to freedom of religion, the government could not deny the groups, so long as they had raised the fundsto erect a monument. Not long after, the Satanist group was able to bring in the needed amount, twenty-thousand dollars.

 The plan to build a statue of Satan in the Oklahoma Capitol quickly got press, was published, and has circulated throughout the whole country. Needless to say, there has been huge opposition from many religious communities, mainly Christians.

As a result, this article is written to religious communities and is geared specifically towards Christians. The fact is that many people are unsure of what to think of it. Obviously, they know that they don’t like the statue, but they do not understand how they should respond. The truth of the matter is that there are a fair number of Christians who are absolutely panicking. Let me start off with a summary of what I’m about to say: Don’t freak out.

 There is no need to isolate yourself in your Christian bubble. There is no need to sit down with your family members and rant about how America is going to “Hell in a hand basket.” There is no need to even protest the statue.

The fact is, if you’re a Christian, there’s no need to ever do any of those things simply because of how great your God is. Consider history for a moment. Back in first-century Asia Minor and Europe where the Christian movement began, cities were filled with idols. There were statues everywhere of gods that were visited, praised, and prayed to. In fact, some of these statues weren’t simply false gods but demons.

These were the cities that the apostle Paul traveled to, and these were the cities where the Christian movement was founded. Christianity has always thrived in cultures that Christians today would merely deem as going to Hell, without hope of salvation without a second thought. This is extremely unfortunate. After all, it misses the point which is that Christians should not fear, but instead should trust in God. We are not meant to protest everything, but to proclaim the God who created everything.

  So don’t panic. Everything is going to be fine because we have a good God who is bigger than a statue of Satan. Even greater still, we have a good God who is bigger than Satan himself.

4 Comments on Storkersen: Oklahoma Satan statue is nothing to worry about

  1. As an athiest I have to say thanks! You are 100% right and you are describing the actions of a reasonable christian in this situation.

    Too bad there are so many unreasonable people in the world :c

  2. Katokahn99: I would never negate the suffering of a family. The loss that they are feeling is indescribable. Yet despite what worshipers of Satan did, God is still greater than Satan and comforts those who are hurting. By no means was I stating that everything that Satan does and everything that people who worship him do are no big deal. I was saying that in the grand scheme of things, Christians should not fear a statue of Satan because God is greater. So much greater that He can bring comfort to a painful situation such as the killing in Texas that you listed.

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