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Las Vegas police arrest 49-year-old San Jacinto man for attempted homicide

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The Last Jedi is a Messy Masterpiece

by Ryan Downs in Entertainment

When watching The Last Jedi, one gets the impression that they are watching something that genuinely wasn’t a given. That might be an odd sentiment in this day and age; [...]


Las Vegas police arrested a 49-year-old person of interest for an attempted homicide Wednesday in Las Vegas, Sheriff’s officials reported.

William Leonard II

William Leonard II

William Donald Leonard II allegedly stabbed a male acquaintance at a motel at 600 North Ramona Boulevard in Hemet. The suspect was seen driving away from the motel, according to a Riverside County Sheriff’s report.

Las Vegas police arrested Leonard earlier this week, and are holding him there until his expected extradition to Riverside County. His bail is set at $1,100,000, according to Sgt. Wallace Clear.

San Jacinto Police are encouraging people with any further information to contact them at San Jacinto Police Department at (949) 654-2702 or Riverside County Sheriff’s Dispatch at (951) 776-1099.

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