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Fashion with Melissa: Fashion bloggers to look out for

Photo Credit: Melissa Solano

There’s no denying that fashion magazines are a huge staple in informing the general public of current and up-and-coming style trends. Magazines like Glamour, Elle, Nylon,- and of course Vogue, the Bible of fashion magazines- show off the current trends, where said trends can be purchased, and snapshots of various models and celebrities that have embraced them.

As fun as it is to read, seeing celebrities and models pull off these looks is not as realistic for the average reader. And it can be even more disheartening to see that the perfect top that Beyonce wore costs more than a month’s rent. That’s where fashion bloggers come in!

Fashion bloggers have been around for quite some time, but began to really gain some notice in early 2010. Since then, many well-known brands and designers (Dolce & Gabbana, Tom Ford, H&M, Proenza Schouler, etc.) have began to showcase popular bloggers by inviting them to shows and sending them free merchandise. Over the years, fashion blogging has even become profitable for the more established bloggers.

Since the inception of fashion blogging, hundreds of blogs have emerged. Some have a specific focus in accessories or shoes that are in style and others post photos of their everyday outfits and text posts about each piece. I personally love fashion bloggers and have followed quite a few. I love seeing runway trends on everyday people and the different ways that people take on trends and make them their own. I would really recommend that everyone check out bloggers in general! But, if you’re new to the idea or are looking to add some fresh outfits to your usual roll call of sites, here are a few of my favorites:

FashionToast: I have to list this because this was the first blog I ever checked out. Run by Rumi Neely, this is arguably one of the most well-known blogs within the fashion community. Rumi posts her everyday outfits on the blog in addition to her makeup products and lifestyle updates. Though she has certainly upped the ante of designers she wears, balances it out with her chic thrift store finds and basics from places like Forever 21, Topshop, and Zara from time to time. What I love is that regardless of designer, she constructs outfits that can be recreated from almost any store you shop at.

The Sartorialist: This blog is both men and women friendly. I find this blog to be definitely the most interesting blog. The creator, Scott Schuman, is a photographer who runs the blog. What makes this blog unique is that instead of just posting trends or outfit selfies, he approaches fashion by taking photos of people on the street and showing how they incorporate their own idea of style into their every day lives.

Cupcakes & Cashmere: This blog is more all-inclusive. Emily blogs about everything from fashion to beauty to recipes. She also has a lot of great DIY projects, such as lace tights, tote bags, and hair bows.

The Blonde Salad: Chiara blogs about her everyday outfits as well as beauty projects Her outfits range from more on the professional side to everyday casual outfits with everything in between. This girl travels all over the place, and her destination backgrounds definitely have me more than a little envious. But her travels are definitely reflected in the themes and tones of the outfits she constructs. I’m a little new to her blog, but so far, I am loving it!

Are there any blogs that you are loving right now? Did you absolutely love one of the few I listed? Leave a comment or shoot me a tweet!

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  1. I’ve read through a few of your blogposts and you write really well!

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