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Sweeney Claims Victory With Support Of Riverside County Board Of Supervisors

It’s a little unusual when an entertainment business consultant or as thousands now know him, a unique storytelling comedian, claims victory over anything. But with the support of the Riverside County Board of Supervisors, part of Tim Sweeney’s dream of getting thousands of new people to become registered organ donors is coming true.


Tim Sweeney

The Riverside County Board of Supervisors has reached out to all county employees asking them to sign up this month as part of National Organ Donor Registration Month. Joining in the movement is Riverside Community Hospital, who will ask everyone who comes in for care if they are registered. In what should be the most non-political fight in healthcare, Sweeney has had to battle to get the attention of lawmakers, including Governor Jerry Brown and President Obama. Both have been non-responsive towards solving the problem of the lack of donors.

Sweeney has been proposing a simple solution everyone can get behind. He wants a mandate that whenever a person goes to the doctor, hospital or seeks medical care, they are simply asked whether or not they are a registered donor in the forms they have to fill out. If not, the medical service provider can help them register.

Over 2.3 million Americans unfortunately die every year. If 10 percent of them were organ donors, the current list of 120,000 people waiting for a transplant would be dramatically reduced. Sweeney, who is terminally ill himself, is not concerned if he ever gets a transplant. He honestly believes a child who receives one could be the person who finds the cure for cancer, autism or any other disease people have to suffer from.

Until he can get every person possible to register, Sweeney will continue his campaign from the stage at The Merc Theater in Temecula. This Friday, April 11 at 7 p.m., he will return with another of his unique, one night only motivational comedy shows. Join us as we welcome him back from his recent surgery. Tickets are available at The Old Town Community Theater Box Office or online through the following link:

*Contributed by Tim Sweeney’s Motivational Comedy Program

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