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Fashion with Melissa: Wanelo – Pinterest With A Buy Button

Credit: Wikipedia

If you are a young adult female, chances are you are a part of the 93% of women who have and actively maintain a Pinterest account. I know I am. And if you’re a guy who has an account, good for you! If you don’t, I’d suggest getting one or at least stalking your sister or girlfriend’s account when gift-giving time comes around, because I guarantee you that she pins her deepest desires on it.But a new website has begun to garner popularity among this same audience. Wanelo is set up similar to Pinterest in the format of its items, but it is more centered towards actual purchase. The site launched in 2010 and has been steadily gaining a strong audience with a current user number at a little over 10 million.

Pinterest is more for pinning your favorite trends, DIY ideas, and decorations that you might someday imitate. Wanelo on the other hand is more geared towards clothes, accessories, and shoes that you can buy. After creating an account, you can start to browse through categories and stores. When you select an item that you like, it immediately gives you a price, an option to purchase it, how many are left, and the option to save the item or to tag a friend. Pretty cool, right?

Wanelo itself is very on top of trends, and it slowly gaining popularity among big brands in the fashion industry. This is what helps it to differ from Pinterest. While Pinterest has categories such s “Women’s Apparel” or “Weddings”, Wanelo includes these as well as “Top Shops” or “Top People.” Brands including Juicy Couture, Sephora, Free People, Topshop, and even TOMS are listed among the top stores. These brands curate their shops for trendy and popular pieces and put them in their Wanelo shops. Some even include a “Wanelo buy button” on their own websites.

No doubt Wanelo’s growing popularity will make it a major must-use for 2014’s holiday season. It even has a free app in the iTunes and Android App stores so you can shop on the go. If you’re looking for a gift for your most fashionable cousin or maybe a stylish surprise to push your boyfriend’s wardrobe in the right direction, Wanelo is definitely the place to do all of your shopping.  And it doesn’t hurt to reward yourself with a little something, too. (:

Have you ever heard of Wanelo? Tweet to @melsolano and let me know your thoughts!

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