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Fallbrook Sheriff’s Substation to hold meeting on string of burglaries

Will Keightley/Flickr

The Fallbrook Sheriff’s Substation will be holding a community meeting about a string of car burglaries that have taken place in the city today at 3:00 p.m.

The meeting will focus on the 116 car burglaries reported in Fallbrook since November of 2013, according to Public Affairs Division Representative Melissa Aquino.

Those burglaries together have resulted in an estimated loss of $122,000 and many of them — 70 percent — happened because people were leaving their cars unlocked.

Aquino said that people should use rules of thumb in order to prevent theft. She advised people not to leave their cars unlocked or running, even if they are just running into a store for a second. And she also said valuables should be stowed away and out of plain sight when left in a car.

These suggestions and other topics related to the burglary will be discussed at the substation located at 388 E. Alvarado Street in Fallbrook.

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