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Three arrested in high school vandalism felony

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The Last Jedi is a Messy Masterpiece

by Ryan Downs in Entertainment

When watching The Last Jedi, one gets the impression that they are watching something that genuinely wasn’t a given. That might be an odd sentiment in this day and age; [...]


Joseph Barnum
Steven Jimenez

Steven Jimenez

Joseph Barnum

Joseph Barnum

Jose Requeno

Jose Requeno

La Quinta police arrested four suspects in connection with the vandalism of La Quinta High School, in which glue was placed in the locks of nearly all school doors, causing thousands of dollars in damage to school property.

Eighteen-year-old students Jose Barnum, Steven Jimenez, and Jose Requeno have been arrested for conspiracy felony and vandalism for what was allegedly a senior-class prank, with Barnum facing additional charges for cocaine possession. Police also arrested an unnamed 17-year-old male juvenile on similar charges. The suspects are currently booked at Riverside County jail in Indio, according to Sergeant Alan Northrup.

Anyone with knowledge of or information of the case is encouraged to contact Investigators at (760) 863-8990.

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