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Parkour Gym ‘Freedom in Motion’ Set to Open in Murrieta

Erháld Borbáth/Flickr

The parkour community in the Temecula/Murrieta area has had a lot of buzz around it recently, mostly generated by the new parkour gym, “Freedom In Motion,” which is set to open around July of this year. The gym will be the first in the Riverside and San Diego County area.

Jimmy Davidson, who started working on opening the gym along with several other local parkour enthusiasts about two years ago, says the build out for the gym is going much quicker than expected.

“The presence of the gym has caused a huge increase in parkour awareness in the valley,” Davidson said. “Probably because people have realized that parkour isn’t just something to be seen on TV, being done by some trained gymnast, but rather parkour can be done right here in our backyards, and that it’s really pretty safe and fun.”

Davidson said that advertising about Freedom in Motion through social media such as Facebook and Instagram has brought in a significant amount of newcomers, and his private lessons base has doubled.

The group of parkourists originally went to the city asking about the possibility of building a parkour park, but after being turned away, decided to take the task upon themselves.

The building of the gym relies on donations from others in the parkour community, and any other family and friends willing to support.

It has been two and a half years since the idea for the project was created, and Freedom in Motion is now very close to opening up to the public.

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